Redirect to an npm package's repository page, like


🌏 Supports GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket, and others.

🚀 Stateless design using all-the-package-repos

🔒 HTTPS support

🌴 Always fresh with Greenkeeper

👫 Shared ownership in a GitHub org

🙌 Open Open Source contribution model

Web Usage

Visit<package-name> in your browser and you'll be taken to that package's repository page on GitHub or elsewhere. If the package has no specified repo you'll be redirected to


CLI Usage

ghub is also available as a command-line tool which accepts one or many package names and opens their GitHub repos in your web browser:

npm i -g ghub
ghub choo chai chalk

The CLI can also read from newline-delimited standard input.

To open a repo tab for every dependency in a local package.json file:

npm i -g ghub json
cat package.json | json dependencies | json -ka | ghub

or every devDependency:

npm i -g ghub json
cat package.json | json devDependencies | json -ka | ghub

Pair ghub with the depnames CLI to open repo pages for all the dependencies of a given package:

npm i -g ghub depnames
depnames chokidar | ghub

View the top ten most-dependend-on packages whose names start with level:

npm i -g ghub all-the-package-names
all-the-package-names | egrep '^level' | head -n 10 | ghub




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